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Facepalm of the Day

I hereby bestow my Facepalm of the Day Award™ to at least some of my own clients. Specifically, I award it to the ones who are actually shocked to learn that the amount of their tax refund will change if their earnings and withholdings for the year also changes.
No, really. There are actually some people who are surprised by this fact.

How Can I Get Demoted?

In yet another example of why I will never understand corporate America, and why I'm glad to work for myself 8 months out of the year, I was recently demoted. I went from being an office manager to being a lead preparer in an office that will not have a manager. However, my demotion was accompanied by a 6% raise.
Yes, I got a demotion and a raise at the same time.

All of which makes me wonder how I can get demoted another half dozen times.

Preventing Defenestration

The fact my corporate office decided to stick me in a location with bars on the window has nothing to do with crime in the neighborhood. They simply saw my LinkedIn profile and noticed that several people have endorsed my mad defenestration skills.
I suppose they figured that these bars would be a preventive measure in case someone pushed me too far.

Freedom-Loving Americans

Has anyone ever heard a "freedom-loving" American complain that oil and farm subsidies for multi-billion dollar companies are "socialism"?
I ask because I just had to listen to a lengthy diatribe from a "freedom-loving" Tea Party member who insisted that the bailout of GM and Chrysler was an example of socialism. When I ask what he about giving billions of our tax dollars to oil companies and agri-business - money that is never, ever repaid - I just looked at me funny.