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Not That Simple

One of my clients seemed a little indignant when I told her how much my fees were for preparing her income tax return. "How can you charge so much for an incredibly simple return?" she asked. "It's so easy to do."
For the record, her return included interest and dividends as well as:Self-employment income;Income from rental properties; andDepreciation against said rental properties. Her completed federal, state, and local income tax returns with all of the schedules and required forms attached was 19 pages long.
I look at her for a moment before responding. "I'm sorry, ma'am," I eventually said, "but your definition of 'incredibly simple' isn't the same as mine."
I wanted to add something along the lines of, "but don't worry - I'm sure Turbo Tax can transform that shoe box full of receipts into a bullet proof tax return for you in no time at all." However, I decided that it would probably have not helpe…

Solving the Rubik's Cube

I've had this Rubik's cube made of old photos in my office for more than a month. I have not been able to solve.
However, when Flora Marrugi came into my office to have her taxes prepared this afternoon, she got it done in less time than it took me to finish her tax return.
I'm impressed.

Meet the Penny Lady

I met a woman at work today who owed the City of Detroit $87 in resident income taxes. She was irritated, of course, as most Detroiters are when I tell them that they owe city taxes.
This woman, however, was different. She swore she would go down to the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center and pay it all in pennies.
I will simply say rock on, Penny Lady. Rock on.

Tax Deductions for Donated Blood

Fun fact: the value of donated blood is not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
Of course, I have to confess that I find the fact that the Internal Revenue Service felt a need to publish this fact in one of the publications to be a little disturbing. More than likely, the IRS did this because more than one person tried to claim such a tax deduction.
And those are some tax returns that I simply do not want to touch.