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Doing Taxes on Easter Sunday

Yes, I'm working on Easter Sunday. If you come see me today, I'll give you a discount and a free Entertainment Book when you have your taxes prepared.
The publisher for the Entertainment Book did indeed go bankrupt last month. However, most companies are still honoring the coupons. They advertised in there to get people in their door so it doesn't matter to them that the publisher isn't around any longer. Not all of the businesses are still honoring their coupons, but most are.
Besides, what better way is there to celebrate Easter Sunday than by having your taxes done?
Okay, don't answer that. I'm sure you can think of a better way to celebrate Easter Sunday than by coming to see me and getting your taxes done.
Still, think of it this way: you have to file your tax return and here's absolutely no waiting today in my office.

Delivering Refunds

A woman walked into my office not long ago. Someone else did her taxes and she received a notice earlier that day from the City of Detroit Finance Department, which claimed that she owed them $3,800 resident income taxes.
I went over her returns. By the time we were done, the City of Detroit owed her an additional refund of $210.
I am awesome.

Someone Messed Up Flora's Rubik's Cube

Someone messed up the Rubik's cube that Flora Marrugi solved a couple of weeks ago. When I find out who did this, there will be hell to pay.

Michigan is a Right to Work State

Today is Michigan's first official day as a right to work state. I cannot wait to hear about all of the new jobs coming to town.
Update on April 18, 2013 There's still no announcement of any new jobs coming to Michigan as a result of our new right to work status. I'm sure they will be announced any minute now.


Oh, overtime. You're one of my most favorite things, even if you do come on a Friday evening when most of my friends are beginning their St. Patrick's Day celebrations.