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Searching for a Facebook Short

The new graph search finally hit my Facebook account today. I have heard a lot of hype about this thing, but was a little unimpressed with it. After having it on my account and using it, I have to say that I am even more unimpressed with it than I was before.
I could spell out all of the reasons why I'm unimpressed with Facebook and their graph search. However, this is a bog about taxes and finances; not tech or social media.
Instead, I will simply say that after spending a little while with graph search, the former stock broker in me thinks that should short Facebook's stock as soon as the market opens this morning. I am simply befuddled as to how anyone in the hierarchy of Facebook could look at this thing and decide that they wanted to make it a major focus of their company.
Graph search is to Facebook, in my opinion, as the Edsel was to Ford Motor Company.

Closing the Tax Office

I'm shutting down the down office today. This is a shot of my final punch out as a corporate employee. From this point forward, it's back to being a freelancer.

Thanks for the Memories

The 2013 income tax season is now over. I want to thank the Penny Lady, the Guy with 3 Boxes of Receipts, and everyone else who has given me a years worth of stories.

Tax Day 2013

Come hither, procrastinators of Detroit. Come to me and I shall solve your income tax problems.
Well, other than paying those taxes for you. I can't solve that part. I have the rest of it covered, though.

An Empty Tax Office

My office was packed earlier. For the past hour or so, however, it's been dead. No one has come in. There haven't been any phone calls. Nothing.
I think everyone must be watching the Detroit Tigers kick butt.

Surprise Tax Refund

Two of the people who came into my office today were convinced that they were going to owe money to the IRS this year. By the time I was done with their tax returns, both of them were getting an income tax refund.
Each of them got a small refund, admittedly. However, even a small refund is a lot better than owing to the IRS.

Doing Taxes Can Be Awesome

I have, on more than one occasion, complained about some of the insane things that my clients have done this tax season. Therefore, I feel it's only appropriate that I share a story about one of them being awesome.
A guy was in my office today who started his own business in 2012. He saved every receipt you can possibly imagine regarding his business and I mean every single one. If it was even vaguely connected to his business, it was stuffed into one of the three boxes that he brought me this morning.
It took me almost two hours to get his collection of receipts into a suitable condition for me to begin doing his taxes. I explained to him how self-employment taxes work and what records he was required to keep. I also gave him a few pointers on how to better organize his record keeping and mentioned a few programs like Expensify and QuickBooks that would make the entire process much more seamless for him.
When we were done with his taxes, not only did he pay my firm's usual f…

Taxing Pick Up Lines

Judging by the questions I have been asked recently, I think my new line in the bars should be, "Hey, baby, can I solve your tax problems?"
Hardly a day has gone by lately without one woman or another reaching out to me with a tax-related question. This, of course, has made me wonder how I can properly capitalize on it.

Listening to the Tigers

I love listening to the Detroit Tigers on the radio as I prepare taxes. Since I can't be at Comerica Park for opening day today, this is the next best thing.

Bitcoins Crash

The value of Bitcoins has crashed. My Twitter news feed is blowing up about it.
Quite frankly, I wish the twitterverse could go back to not caring about Bitcoins.