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Yahoo Will Screw Up Tumblr

Yahoo!, Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) announced a deal over the weekend to buy the privately owned Tumblr for $1.1 billion. My first reaction upon hearing this news was, "I wonder how Yahoo! will screw this one up."
I know I shouldn't be this cynical. Unfortunately, Yahoo! has given me more than sufficient cause over the past few years to justify that cynicism. They were the first internet company to make a profit back in the 1990s, which was great. Since then, it's been one disappointment after another.
As if she heard me, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer pledged "not to screw this one up" during a conference call with reporters. I'm sorry, but her assurances really do not do very much to reassure me.

The stock price for Yahoo! is only up 0.6% as of this posting; currently trading at 26.68. That's hardly the kind of excitement among investors that I would expect to see after a deal this size.

Getting Paid with Crack Cocaine

Big C's Tire Shop (12914 Mack Ave.) in the Morningside neighborhood of Detroit is accused of paying its employees with crack cocaine, according local NBC-affiliate WDIV-TV. The owners of this establishment are, of course, facing several different criminal charges.
Of course, I also have to admit that there is a part of my brain that wondered whether this was better or worse than if they had paid their employees with Bitcoins.
I'm still not sure about that one.

Update @ 3:04 p.m.
As I was searching the internet, I discovered that the folks at offer a gift card for Big C's Tire Shop in Detroit. I'm not sure whether those gift cards are redeemable for tires, crack cocaine, or something entirely different.
The offer page on is here.

I am, once again, reminded of Mark Twain and his famous quote, "Truth is stranger than fiction."

13 Stocks to Outperform the Market

My counterparts at 24/7 Wall Street published a list of 13 stocks this morning that they expect to appreciate in price by 40% – 100% in the coming months. Their list includes companies like chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, the on-line backup company Carbonite, the oil and gas exploration company Gulfport Energy, and others.
I’m usually rather skeptical when it comes to stock predictions that are this far beyond the market itself. I usually follow the adage that the fastest way to double your money in the stock market is to fold it in half and stick back in your pocket. However, all of their picks are based on independent research as well as research by the various Wall Street firms.
Nothing in life is guaranteed and even less is guaranteed when it comes to investing. With that said, these 13 stocks might be a solid consideration for the speculative portion of your portfolio.
More the full list, as well as breakdown of what will drive the prices of these stocks up, check out there f…