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Getting the IRS to Waive Penalties

I just got the Internal Revenue Service to waive $391 in penalties for a friend's company. It took me a grand total of 29 minutes, 18 seconds to do so.
If you need me this afternoon, I'll be at one of finer strip clubs in Detroit where I'll be spending approximately $200 of his money.
Side note: I don't think he's going to file his corporate tax returns on his own anymore.

Sure Sign of an Improving Economy

Economists use different measures to measure how different aspects of the economy are performing. There all good, but there is one sign of an improving economy that just never makes it into any of the business pages.
Law firms around Detroit, and as far as I can tell around the country, are laying off bankruptcy attorneys.

During the depths of the Great Recession, bankruptcy attorneys had more work to do than any of them really knew how to handle. Today, they are getting laid off.
I like this as an economic indicator, because it not only confirms that bankruptcy filing themselves are down. It also demonstrates that most law firms expect them to stay down for the foreseeable future.