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What the Federal Marketplace

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a brilliant idea. Let's bombard ordinary Americans with phone calls and emails, telling them that they need to make a payment or they'll lose their health insurance.

And here's the super fun part -- once we scare the crap out of these people, we'll then make it super freaking difficult for them to make said payment.

I tell you, that sounds like the perfect idea. I think I should be working for with ideas like this one.

Obamacare deadline extended

The Federal Marketplace just extended their deadline for Americans to get coverage that goes into effect on January 1. Consumers now have until 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Monday, December 19 to get signed up.

According to a statement released by the Federal Marketplace, this extension is due to the extraordinary volume of people who are signing up.

Top 50 tax deductions for 2017

I keep meaning to compile a list of tax deductions that my clients and others that I've come across forget about. It's one of those writing projects that I have started a dozen times without ever hitting "publish."

Luckily, the folks over at GOBankRates have come up with their own compilation of the best 50 tax deductions for 2017. It's a lot like the lists that I keep starting but never finished.

You can see their full list of tax deductions here.

One of these days, I'll add a few things to these lists.